Cuba Cultural Center, Inc. offers a place of comfort and support for all. At the Center, we encourage families by providing for basic survival needs, offering assistance to those who have short term or permanent needs, and by advocating through policy and justice work.

Center Stage – Carrie Veley

Center Stage: Carrie Veley

Carrie has been coming to the Center for 5-6 years. She started out as a client, then began to volunteer about 3-4 years ago. Over the last couple years, Carrie has become the Center’s pantry manager and is doing a wonderful job for us. She moved to Cuba last year, and her first grandchild was born in 2019 as well.  

Carrie enjoys crafting and appreciates the many friends that she has made here at the Center. As is the case with many of us who work together caring for the community, Carrie feels that her colleagues are also like family now.  Carrie shared with us recently, “Without the Center, I would not have a place to go and visit and meet new people. The Center has helped me through a lot of hard times in my life. Whether it be with food, clothes, someone just to talk to, or money to help pay a bill. I have had lots of great memories at the Center. The ones I remember the most are when someone really needs some food and you can give them a box or two full of food, and they start crying and thanking you and asking if they can give you a hug for the food. I feel the Center has helped me give back in lots of ways. By opening their doors to people to come in and get food if they need it cuz they are out. Or if they want a nice hot meal once a week. Or if they just want or need someone to talk to.”

Thanks, Carrie for all that you do for us!